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LAP-PAKS Both Downloadable and on CD! 
ACTIVITY-PAKS Both Downloadable and on CD! 
I am extremely pleased with all the work you have put into your products. My three children ( ages 10, 13, and yes even my 17 year old) are very excited! They just wished I would have home schooled them at an earlier age. I am so pleased with every single thing I've ordered from you. I have most of your CD's and the timeline figures and placement guide. I have found that my children have so much more of an understanding of what to learn and comprehend than what some of these big name companies have to offer (especially textbooks). My seventeen year old has discovered things she did not learn in the public school and now is very excited about learning history! Again, thanks for creating such awesome products and offering them to the public. I am so grateful that I found your products and I will most definitely be ordering from you again in the future.

Kristian White
....America Enters a Modern Age!
We are excited to announce the sixth in our Time Travelers History Study series, covering over 70 years, from the 1860s through 1939! Designed to create a hands-on learning experience, your children will discover about interesting events and people of this era through projects, experiences, and more!

"The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression" contains 25 lessons that can spread across 5-10 weeks, covering several eras and witnessing changes in American history as it reached a modern age! Topics include: The Transcontinental Railroad, The Indian Wars, The Gilded Age, Innovations & Inventors, Immigration, Growth of the Nation, People of Interest, The Progressive Era, WWI, The Roaring 20s, The Stock Market Crash, The Dust Bowl, and much more!
All Text, Masters, Directions, Teacher Keys, Photos, and Resource Lists Provided on CD
(Supplies NOT Included)

Written text is included as well as several choices of activities for each lesson.

* Creative Writing
* Civil War Recipes
* Factfile Cards
* File Folder Game
* Notebook Timeline
* Penmanship Pages
* Notebooking Activities
* Experiments
* Three-dimensional Projects such as making a Suspension Bridge, a Wright Brothers “Flyer,” a “Flip Book,” and a “Turn of the Centuries Scenes” Game
* Authentic Crafts such as Paper Tole, a Penny Rug, a Yo-Yo Quilt, and WWI Silk Postcards
* 12 Lap Book Projects
* And a final "Depression-Era Dinner" to bring the unit to a close!

The CD includes each lesson's text pages, project overview pages, and a wide variety of masters for projects! Photos and drawings help illustrate the directions for completing over 50 activities. Choose the projects that work best for your family! Five "Project Days" are built into the schedule to help allow for extra time to complete outstanding projects.

Also included are teacher helps, resource lists, teacher keys, and a "guide-at-a-glance." This one-page guide will allow the teacher to see the whole schedule of upcoming topics and projects on one page. Tastefully laid out for inclusion in your three-ring binder, this unit study will give both the teacher and students a thorough, exciting adventure into the past!

Suggested Grades: 3-8
- New World Explorers
- Colonial Life
- The American Revolution
- The Early 19th Century
- The Civil War
- The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression
- World War II

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All 7 of our Time Travelers American History Studies, made more affordable!

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Included is a notebook cover made to slip into the clear cover of your 3-ring binder. The art is provided both in color and in black and white for the student to color in.
The teacher's binder will house the reading text, project direction pages, the "Guide-at-a-Glance," teacher keys, and any of the other teacher helps.
The student will accumulate many notebook items specific to each lesson. Included are activities such as a Timeline, Penmanship: "Men & Women who Made America," Business Tycoons, Trade Cards, A Norman Rockwell “Cover,” America Grows: Mapping the New States, The Spanish-American War, The Changing of Fashion, WWI Silk postcards, WWI Military Weaponry, WWI Ammo Belt (containing Poetry, Registration, Map, Medal, Sgt. York, Mini-timeline, Propaganda, Pocket Bible), The Prohibition, a Roaring 20s Film Strip Report, and the Stock Market Crash.

(Size: 5 Mb)
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The Lap Book™ contains 12 projects
File Folder game,
"Get Your Kicks
on Route 66"
Trade Cards
Business Tycoons
Wright Brothers "Flyer"
Decoupage Ornament
Fashions Over the Decades
A "Flip Book"
Frank Lloyd Wright
"Turn of the Century Scenes"
"The Industrial Times"
Interesting People
WWI Journal
Yo-Yo Quilt
Paper Tole
Penny Rug
Roaring 20s Filmstrip Report
WWI Silk Postcards
Chicago World's Fair
WWI Ammo Belt
WWI Weapons
Map: America Continues to Grow
...and much more!