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Hands-on History K-2 Lap-Pak: Benjamin Franklin

HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History K-2 Lap-Pak: Benjamin Franklin While many men helped form the United States as a new nation, one man stood out as not only a founding father, but as an inventor, an author, a scientist, and a diplomat, to name a few of his many talents. That man was Benjamin Franklin! His impact on America was great and even today, his contributions and inventions—and even his very words—are well known by many.

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Suggested grades: K-2
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The Benjamin Franklin Lap-Pak takes a look at this “Renaissance man” through reading text and hands-on projects that reinforce lessons in creative ways. Included are 12 lap booking project topics that incorporate coloring and drawing, as well as basic cutting skills and opportunities for penmanship for younger elementary students.

The reading text comes in two formats to print, resulting in full-size pages of text for a binder, or a 24-page booklet to store with the lap book. Also provided is the text on audio, so your child can read along with the narrator or color the pictures while listening!

Beautifully detailed masters are provided for all printable projects! Step-by-step illustrated directions contain printing and assembly instructions for the text booklet, each project, and the lap book assembly.

The menu also contains photos to aid you in viewing the finished projects. Should you wish to embellish the study with additional reading, a list of additional suggested resources is offered as well.

All Masters, Directions, and Photos Provided
(Supplies Not Included)


 The Franklin Family
 Leather Apron Trades
 Ben Franklin, the Printer
 Printer’s Type
 Ben, the Good Citizen
 Poor Richard’s Almanack
 Franklin’s Inventions
 Benjamin Flies a Kite
 Pocket of Virtues
 A Timeline of Ben Franklin’s Life

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