HISTORY Through the Ages
Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections

HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections Introduce your child to the United States presidential elections process through hands-on activities! This Lap-Pak will take your child briefly through the establishment of our country’s government, and through the various aspects of a presidential campaign and how we choose a president.

Format: CD or Download (Mac & PC Compatible)
Suggested grades: 3-8
ISBN: 9780991367856
For individual family use.
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U. S. Elections takes you through the election process with reading material and hands-on projects that will reinforce lessons, as well as introduce you to new information. Included are 21 lap booking projects that incorporate creative writing, coloring and drawing, research, and more.

The reading text comes in two formats to print, resulting in full-size pages of text for a binder, or a 24-page booklet to store with the lap book. Also provided is the text on audio, so your child can read along with the narrator or work on projects while listening!

Beautifully detailed masters are provided for all printable projects! Step-by-step illustrated directions contain printing and assembly instructions for the text booklet, each project, and the lap book assembly.

The menu also contains photos to aid you in viewing the finished projects. Should you wish to embellish the study with additional reading, a list of additional suggested resources is offered as well.

All Masters, Directions, and Photos Provided
(Supplies Not Included)


 Definition of “Election”
 Different Forms of Government
 The American Experiment
 The Three Branches of Government
 Who Do We Vote For?
 Terms of Office
 A “Handful” of Political Parties
 Caucuses & Primaries
 National Conventions
 The Presidential Campaign: Platform
 The Presidential Campaign: Stump Speaking
 The Presidential Campaign: Media — News Source
 The Presidential Campaign: Campaign Advertising — Spreading the Word!
 Raising Money
 Election Day
 The Electoral College
 Inauguration Day
 The Electoral Race!
 The “Vocabinet”

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